Beautiful dentistry done by Dr. Assael is special. You look better, chew better and feel so much better about yourself. The following photographs depict several different treatment types that represent just some of the artistic dentistry we do. Check back often as we are constantly updating this section with new patient photographs.

“A great smile takes so little effort but gives so much. It brightens the lives of all who receive it, while empowering those who give it.”

085_85 086_86

Purpose: Replace old restorations
Restorations: Porcelain Veneer and Porcelain all Crown

before-1 after-2

Purpose: Replace old crowns with black gum line.
Restorations: New porcelain fused to metal crowns with all ceramic margins.

before-3 after-3

Purpose: Smile makeover
Restorations: Six Porcelain Veneers

before-4 after-4

Purpose: Smile makeover
Restorations: Six all porcelain partial crowns.

before-5 after-5

Full face photo before and after smile makeover.

before-6 after-6

Full mouth rehabilitation (Front view).

before-7 after-7

Full mouth rehabilitation (Top/ Occlusal view).

before-8 afeter-8

Full mouth rehabilitation before and after facial view.

before-9 after-9